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‘Lycantaxi’? I dunno, no so keen on that. What about Lycanthrobile? I worry for that Jeep, though. And Stiles. Saw a clip for next week that had me clawing at my face in anxiety. This is…just not going to be a good season for Stiles. MOAR META!

It’s too bad it’s not a Range Rover, then I would demand that it be called the Range Wulver - wulvers being half man half wolf creatures of Scottish lore found in the Shetlands who were largely harmless unless provoked and often helped lost travellers back to villages or left fish on the doorsteps of poor families. It’s funny because I have no life and enjoy reading about stupid, obscure things. And also a pun, but not a great one.

I’m liking Lycanthrobile, it doesn’t rely on people knowing silly bits of lore and actually I can imagine Stiles shouting it at some point when they’re hot on the trail of figuring out what/who the lizard thing is. Then he obnoxiously hums, shouting at Derek to join in and everything is beautiful. Unlike that clip. Urgh that was a stressful clip to watch. Well now we have a rough idea of the kind of shit he’s going to have to go through: watch as people are paralysed and then crushed. That would have been one of the few times it would have to better to live in the UK, 999 is easier to dial than 911 - y u put 1 and 9 so far away on emergency number?

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