Dwarves make me want to cry

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people will always call out people for saying “fuck skinny bitches” but when the diet commercial comes on, when the fat jokes are being made, when conversations about how fat people are detriments to society are underway, when a size 6 expects her size 26 friend to go with her to the mall even though there ain’t shit for her fat ass there, when girls are saying “i can’t cut my hair short because my face would look fat” & “when i learned that drinking alcohol could make you gain weight i felt like my life was over!!!”, and when family/friends/TOTAL STRANGERS are saying “we’re just worried about your health” y’all STAY quiet

because body-shaming someone who “doesn’t deserve it” would be the worst thing you could do, right? 

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tumblr: omg look at this sex god
me: he has the appeal of a wet potato chip




Stage one of friendship:


Stage two of friendship:


Final stage:


*Exceptions exist

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BEAST Doojoon nominated BTOB Eunkwang to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Eunkwang nominated Super Junior Ryeowook, APink Bomi and Chorong

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From: Sulli

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