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eunkwang’s baboon impersonation

Nagisa-kun, you seem to be having fun...
Go, Detective Rei-chan!


biggest plot twist tbh


Daily #481! Probably why I don’t have many friends.



steve and bucky making up random stories from their past and convincing the other avengers that it actually happened (◡‿◡✿)



*thinks your blog is cool*

*says hi*

*exchanges chat names*

*writes you porn*

*casually starts playlist honoring our undying friendship*

*travels to your country to get drunk with you*

*kidnaps you and brings you to live in her Compound of Awesomeness*

Is it really kidnapping if I decide to move into the Compound of Awesome? I mean…you can let me leave if you know I’ll come back on my own.



What comments that even hurt you now?


For my ragtag friends on twitter who are always up to shenanigans. (Also needed this out of my head.)

Real GOT7 Season 1 // Bambam

lebkin inquired: For people who say all BDSM is abuse because hitting...what about boxing? Martial arts? Even football? All have violence that is codified and acceptable, within specific rules. BDSM is the same way, at a personal level.


Yep. Also not all BDSM involves hitting anyway.

Also, if you think BDSM is abuse you ought to show compassion instead of contempt for the “victims.”  If BDSM is literally abuse, then feminists ought to know that when you’re helping someone out of an abusive relationship you need to be non-judgmental towards them and provide safe spaces and understand it’s a very difficult and dangerous relationship to get out of.

If someone came up to me and said “I see how your partner’s treating you and I want you to know that I’m concerned, that you don’t deserve to be hurt, and that I’m willing to support you and help you stay safe if you leave,” I wouldn’t take them up on it, but I’d understand where they were coming from.  But nobody ever has ever said that to me.  Dozens of people have called me an empowerfulized kinkshit and made fun of the black latex catsuits I don’t actually wear.

Also, all of this feels tremendously disrespectful towards survivors of domestic abuse who are also kinky and know the damn difference, and tremendously unhelpful towards people who are in genuinely destructive BDSM relationships and given no tools to distinguish those from consensual and positive BDSM.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier ( Stills  )


when one of your friends says something shitty and offensive out of nowhere